A new Pew survey revealed that the vast majority (70%) of evangelicals believe that the land of Israel was given to the Jews in the Biblical covenant with Abraham. Shockingly, this is more than twice the number of Jews (32%) who believe so. One rabbi believes that this symbolizes that pro-Israel Jews and Christians have more in common than they do with their less-Biblically oriented co-religionists.

If you believe the text of the Old Testament, there is no doubt that the land of Israel was promised to the descendants of Abraham, a promise fulfilled in the time of Joshua. However, it was also taken from them when they indulged in the same sins that had gotten it taken away from its previous inhabitants.

Whether Jews still have any claim to Israel beyond that they hold it militarily remains debatable. Part of the problem is that much of modern Israel is intentionally secular, which seems a poor foundation for seeking God's blessing on their holding of that land.

Personally, I'm content to leave the matter up to God, and wish the U.S. would stop trying to make all the problems of the World ours to solve. We can't afford that, and trying will only speed our own destruction as a nation.

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