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Andrew Torba ✝️ on Gab: 'The World Economic Forum predicts 4 possible paths by 2027: 1. Globalization 5.0 (their vision) Both virtual and physical integration. One world government, one world internet. 2. Virtual Nationalism (Gab's vision) Global trade in the physical world between sovereign governments, but fragmented digital communities formed around shared values. 3. Digital Dominance (Zuckerberg's vision) Virtual integration and physical fragmentation 4. Systemic Fragmentation (China's vision) Virtual and Physical fragmentation'

The problem is most of you dissenters dissent but still don't know which side is the true side.
Again and again Jesus will be forever proven correct and truthful.

Wef cdc biden Clinton elon bozos China

And many more are all controlled by Satan. This world belongs to satan. Or have you nkt heard?

Jesus came from heaven to save all those who accepted him. Meaning as Jesus is Lord and he came to earth means earth isn't his domain. Earth domain belongs to the Lord but is warded by Satan. The first prisoner becomes the warden de facto.

Earth is a prison.

Satan is a fallen angel. The first fallen angel. If you are in the same prison world Satan was cast to why would you ever think this world is a "vacation" or fun? Or even yolo? There are two realms which means 2 deaths. Dying here and dying in heaven flesh death and soul death. Of whom Only Jesus can kill souls.

Satan can only kill flesh and return souls to heaven for judgement. The devil is a tool. The most powerful weapon of destruction is an angelic being. And when its all done and the destroying is Finished,

Then too God will destroy his weapon of Ultimate destruction and forever more there will be no more destroying.

You are here sentenced to death with a life of hardship.

Better find out who put you here and why.
Hint: For the punishment of Sin is death. If you have ever lied, you now know one of the 10 reasons you will die. Evil may not go on. Inside you is an angel and a demon. 2 halves vying for control. Aka ego death you must kill your evil ego and take control. Wakey wakey hands off snakey.

Sex is what killed the Angels. Genesis 6:2 Now you know.