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Andrew Torba ✝️ on Gab: 'The World Economic Forum predicts 4 possible paths by 2027: 1. Globalization 5.0 (their vision) Both virtual and physical integration. One world government, one world internet. 2. Virtual Nationalism (Gab's vision) Global trade in the physical world between sovereign governments, but fragmented digital communities formed around shared values. 3. Digital Dominance (Zuckerberg's vision) Virtual integration and physical fragmentation 4. Systemic Fragmentation (China's vision) Virtual and Physical fragmentation'

Torba wants a globalist economy but with a free yet fragmented internet. I'll pass. No globalism in any way, shape or form for me.

Christcucks like Torba will Christcuck. He can go celebrate forcing non-white women (who make up to 80% of all abortions in some states) to outbreed whites against their will with the rest of his Christcucks while pitching this globalist economic vision of his.

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