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EXCLUSIVE: Experts said the strategy could be deployed across the UK if cases continue to disproportionally be in homosexual and bisexual males.

gets high

Well, you kinda went out of your way to completely destroy everyone's trust in the medical establishment... to the point where I'm currently suffering from untreated Type 2 diabetes because I refuse to wear a dehumanizing muzzle that only serves to help SPREAD the thing they're claiming to try and cure.

It's not hard to see who the enemy is... and it's not the homos who are victims of the left's relentless cultural abuse.

Why did you let them burn culture? Not simply a single culture, they've burned it all!

It is actual cultural appropriation.

As in ALL culture has been force fed into a political chipper for the benefit of the psychopaths who have no use for it other than to use it as a means of manipulation and enslavement.

Culture hasn't simply been "appropriated" it's been enslaved and in turn commercialized and industrialized against us.

It's that bit about "know your enemy". They know you and they know exactly how to institutionalize you for their synergistic sin by using what you love against you.

Good news is... insanity isn't very sustainable.

Bad news is... the more unstable it becomes, the greater the danger to humanity at large.

And given how much power you've been directly feeding into it for decades on end... you have nothing that can effectively fight against power like that.

At least nothing you'll learn to rely upon, until it's too late... and even then, you'll try and subvert the power for your own selfish benefit, rather than simply using it to definitively end the insanity outright.

Because most humans who can see this much... they want control of it.

It's like gold fever, but with human enslavement.

I think it's the reason God gave me the ability to write like this... because I hate your species way too much to ever want to "rule" over you. The proverbial "old man on the mountain" is the one who winds up gifted with God's grace, because he's the one who just wants to be left tha'fuck alone.

I would love to just be fishing... or sitting out on the deck of a steam boat writing fun science fiction for the rest of my life. Exploring the majesty and wonder of the worlds and realities that God has created.

Unfortunately humanity seems eternally bent on igniting hellfire in the hearth of their hearts, rather than relying on the warmth of God's guiding light to give them eternal sight.