Steve Steglitz is discussing:

A 35-year-old British volunteer told RT how he came to Ukraine to help civilians, but soon found himself under fire on the frontlines

"Andrew from Plymouth says he traveled to Ukraine to treat wounded civilians, but within weeks, he found himself shelled, shot, and captured. Recovering in a hospital, he told RT that he and his fellow volunteers were “manipulated” into the very duty they swore to avoid."

Well, isn't this one story the British legacy media are going to avoid reporting?

Even Ukrainian men are being drafted, given maybe 3 days' training, then thrown out onto the front line -- when it takes many months to train a soldier and get him ready for war. With no surprises, they are being massacred by the well-trained and better equipped Russians. This is very much in line with Andrew's story. Does Elensky and the collective West care? You bet NOT. Depopulation is part of their agenda.