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The process of overthrowing Russian President Vladimir Putin has started and can't be stopped, Ukraine's military intelligence chief told Sky News.

lol...the propaganda is fierce... "if we believe hard it's true, it will be true" the globalist new world order agenda is failing miserably... the money launderers of ukraine are serving their purpose well by issuing clean money back into the pockets of american politicians... the nazis are being eradicated in the process and the ruble is the best performing currency of 2022... if we think logically, why would anyone in russia want to overthrow putin when the economy is on track to be the best ever? BRICS is creating a completely alternative financial industry that does NOT exist on a central bank... also, as to war crimes (possible motive for overthrow) again, the western media propaganda is indeed strong... again logically, the people in the regions that russia is seeking to overtake, as one of the military ops stated objectives, are ethnically RUSSIAN; why on earth would russia want to murder and maim them? apply a little bit of logic to this situation and you might get to the right answers... besides, if russia was in such a bad position why would the US secdef, austin, call shoigu and beg for a cease-fire?...lol and of course, it's yahoo...lolol

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