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California – A man was arrested on bias charges for disrupting a ‘Stop Asian Hate’ rally in Diamond Bar and yelling “go back to China!” at rallygoers. Steve Lee Dominguez, 56, was arrested on Thursday and charged with two counts of “bias-motivated interference with federal protected activities,” but the incident took place last year. A…

It is high time for an AMERICANS FIRST backlash. Why do literally a million communist Chinese have a U.S. green card when those rights are not reciprocal? An American expat in China has no civil or property rights. In California, the communist Chinese have bought up a million homes and driven the prices up so that American working families cannot find affordable housing anymore. The communists bring their CORRUPTION money in to the U.S. and nobody checks on where that money came from. It came from bribery and corruption in China. That is how the Chinese buy a $300k or $400k California house and pay CASH! (I have witnesses to this.) Green cards should be RECIPROCAL or abolished. If an American cannot buy a home and work any job and stay indefinitely in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, etc., then people from those countries should have their U.S. green cards revoked, too!

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