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Recently, a video came out of Ukraine of a Ukrainian blogger scavenging a blown-up Russian tank. Inside he finds what appears to be a human bone of a Russian soldier with some flesh still on it. He then takes it home, cooks it up and eats it. Bragging. Perhaps the video is fake, perhaps it is not but I don’t think it matters and I am inclined to believe it is real based on what I’ve seen on Telegram coming out of Ukraine: These Ukrainians are constantly cheering on dead Russians, I saw one post a video of how happy he was of this Russian’s face that got blown off by a Ukrainian sniper (one of the goriest things I’ve ever seen), posing with and desecrating corpses, etc. We have to ask at a certain point if this American White Nationalist Civic Nationalism of “We’re all white here” and that the differences between a Pole and a German are trivial and “socially-constructed” is really the case or if perhaps the validity of that claim needs to be re-evaluated. Because you just don’t ever really see Western Europeans doing this kind of thing. Historically, even. In fact, some of the killings and such going on in Britain were committed by Slavic immigrants. As I’ve explained before, the concept of “Nationalism” in North America vs Europe are really quite different and frankly, the American variety stems pretty much purely from ignorance and lack of cohesive ethnic identity. The American concept is essentially just “European Globalism”. Essentially, they are fine with ethnic-cleansing of Europeans, provided its by other Europeans. I’m not okay with that, and ...

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t want to be flooded with (real) Ukrainians either, because much like Africans — they aren’t Germans and also, they eat people.

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