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There is this news story that a guy in Sachsen was vaxxed up 87 times. I’m sure you’ve all seen it. The man has no name, apparently.I’m just going to say: This story is obviously fake. What’s happening is that tons of football and tennis players are dropping dead on live TV and they can’t keep that off the news. Actually, sometimes things get real “safe and effective” right on the news itself. Live, on-air. So the fake story serves two purposes. The first is that it is to argue the vaccines are totally safe. Look! This man got injected 87 times and the only bad thing that happened to him was going to jail for not sharing these safe and effective vaxxes with the masses and just giving them the paperwork for it! Those dead athletes are just a coincidence! It’ll be no problem at all to just keep taking them forever. But let’s not forget the other part of this story.I don’t think it’s in the particular link that I posted, but other articles quote “officials” who argue that a National Vaccine Database will be able to prevent such “crimes” from happening. Lauterbach, the puppet from the “Saw” movies, serves as Germany’s health minister. Ich würde gerne ein kleines Spiel mit euch spielenHe’s on about how the Virus situation in Germany is supposedly spiraling out of control again, even though nobody knows anyone who is sick with anything other than vaccine mystery substance poisoning. The Ukraine War fervor is dying down. They can’t really keep people caring about it forever and we&# ...

I’m just going to say: This story is obviously fake

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