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Let me preface by saying:I don’t watch (((Hollywood))) movies for years and I don’t care about black on black crime. So you might wonder why I’d bother talking about American niggers having a smack and yell fight at the Oscars, a show nobody watches, but you can’t go anywhere without seeing this story now. However, as is so often true with these kinds of things, it’s not the people involved or the event itself that matters, it’s the responses from supposed “dissidents” and Nationalist people that does. This is because it gives you an idea of what they think and what their Morality or lack of is. Most of the comments on YouTube or social media from people is that it was “Soy” that Will Smith smacked the other guy over making fun of his wife, who has alopecia. You know, not long ago, in this “tradition” that we’re supposed to be “retvrning” to, one could’ve expected much worse than a mere slap for insulting a man’s wife’s appearance like that. In ancient Germanic society’s, it certainly didn’t fly. In fact, back then, the mere act of calling someone a “coward” was considered a very serious accusation and the truth of the claim was to be settled in combat. Today, if a black on stage were to insult your wife, and she is visibly hurt by it, you’re not supposed to stand up for her at all, or you’re just supposed to “use your words” at all times or just sit there and let it happen. And don’ ...

I look forward to your usual personal attacks of me being a mean bitch and a man-hating “feminist” in the comments below or on Dissenter as always, but be warned — Will Smith will come to your house and smack the shit out of you for it.

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