"OAN's Chanel Rion confirms photos and videos on Hunter's laptop are of his niece, Natalie Biden, daughter of Beau Biden, Hunter's deceased brother. She

People who browse the chans knew years ago.

The photo evidence has been out there for years.

What should upset everyone is the fact that a crack smoking, money laundering, prostitute buying man who fucks his dead brothers wife, hooking her on crack, who then proceeds to fuck her daughter (his neice) and her friends while supplying them with cocaine, whose dad is the president of the united states of america, is allowed to do whatever he wants with said porof being online easily viewable by anyone.

The FBI, Americas "supposedly" unbiased, uncorruptable police force, has had this evidence like everyone else (some say there is even more evidence) for YEARS, the same Organization that has had photo/video evidence of Epsteins island (that nobody knows who is on those tapes)

This same organization with the help of the justice department successfully prosecuted Ghislane Maxwell for underage child sex trafficking to rich men, but we arent allowed to know which rich men, nor has any man been arrested for the crime of fucking underage girls, because the America court system sealed the recorda so WE the people wouldnt know which members of the elite are fucking underage girls.

The people in charge of the government at this time, promote children being gay, promote trans, and actively try to sexualize your children.

But people dont care..........

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