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SAN FRANCISCO - An Asian-American man who suffered a brutal attack in 2019 is suing progressive San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin,

Common knowledge Asians carry cash on them, in their business, in their homes. Over time it became common knowledge among Blacks. So Blacks profile smaller, weaker, non-violent, Asians because it became common knowledge among evil Blacks that a majority of Asians operate on a cash economy.

😂 But it is racist for Asians to profile their well known Black predator. Although it is common knowledge among Asians and Blacks who is the predator race. Other races see that. Making it common knowledge for all races. To include politicians and leaders that pick and choose which race they arrange to be randomly harmed the most, to justify their existence.

They harm all races in that when one race is harmed in the true USA, all are harmed. We get that but our leaders make sure we don’t practice it. They violate the Bible and Constitution in making sure we never practice unity so to justify their existence.

Our colluding corrupt politicians took government from us, and fearlessly and arrogantly display that daily, endlessly. Done with USA name and flag in place, with Constitution and 2 Amendment in place, and with about 300 million guns of all kinds in our homes.

What do we do to take back our government? I know, increase our whining and buy 300 million more guns.🤪

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