absurdly critical is discussing:

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said Wednesday that a vacancy on the Supreme Court will be a "moment of truth" for President Biden.

If you are serious and not all talk this is what you do. Go through all the people's backgrounds on Biden's pick list with a fine tooth comb looking for anything concerning their thoughts on CRT. Then when the confirmation hearings happen you unload with all the information concerning CRT in their background and you essentially try to get them off balance and admit that if they were on the Supreme Court they'd willfully ignore civil rights legislation. Then pay for advertising of what the activist judge is saying especially in places like West Virginia and Arizona with instructions to contact your senators and tell them to say no to whoever and CRT. Assuming the GOP holds ranks (big assumption, I know) all you need to do is convince Manchin or Sinema that voting for CRT activist justice is career suicide and then Biden's handlers will have to pick someone else. If you are lucky and the dems keep stupidly choosing CRT activist judges you might be able to keep the slot open until the midterms, flip the senate, then leave the slot open till Trump or Desantis get in in 2024

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