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Joe Biden will have the chance to nominate a replacement for Stephen Breyer. Democrats could confirm the nominee on party lines.

LOL, Cocaine Mitch probably already cut a deal and is salivating his spoils.

Here is a humorous part:

"The Senate is split 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie. So far, so good, given past Senators have changed the rules for judicial nominees to get across the finish line with just 51 votes."

The Senate is as follows:

50 Republicans 48 Democrats 2 Independents

Even with the whore as the tie breaker the MAJORITY should always have been with the GOP but Mitch didn't fight it like the Democrats would have. He raised the white flag. I would have DEMANDED that Bernie Sanders and Angus King become Democrats if that majority was so important. Obviously the majority is not that important to the GOP because they can always say "Well, we couldn't do anything because we don't have the majority". Fucking Mitch scum! NEVER FORGET that Mitch had the MAJORITY and pissed it away!

I hear his heir apparent IF the GOP "wins back" the majority will be as bad as him. Fuck the GOP. I support Conservatives, but only while they are actually Conservative. I respect the shitty Democrats more than the RINO GOPers any day. At least you know where they stand.

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