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A British university has issued a warning over “offensive and upsetting” material in Orwell’s famous dystopia

Orwell based his book primarily on the progressing of Britain's socialism in his time in 1948 towards full blown Totalitarian Fascist Communism into the future dystopian societies that totally embraced constant wars with devised enemies, impoverished subsistence economy, and brainwashed populations, totally under surveillance, and disappeared at the drop of the hat when any anti-government statements were made against the hierarchy of the ruling class enforcers Big Brother. Culture dismantled even to the spoken word level, being reduced and repurposed as it is happening today with our woke ideology in power.

The present Communist universities don't like being exposed for the Marxist progress of the present towards exactly what Orwell saw as the course to which all societies would advance with the advent of Marxist governments replacing other governments one after the other. Orwell saw the starkness of Communist controlled people first hand in Russia, Orwell as it turned out was prophetic of modern day government development, which scared him, and now the Communist don't want people to fully realize where they the Communists are taking the world to.