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While most Americans have never heard of it, the Interior Department’s five-year plan for offshore energy development is essential to maintaining our basic standard of living and keeping the prices for thousands of everyday goods and services low. At a time of record inflation and sky-high energy costs, it is critical that the Biden Administration show its energy and environmental leadership by moving forward with this offshore energy plan.  

a half truth that's a lie. We have something like a 300 year supply of oil and gas ONSHORE. Sniffy Joe shut a huge amount of it down. His sock masters want $8 gasoline to wreck our economy and drive tens of millions more onto welfare.

This has all the smell of the '29 Crash. The self appointed elites were scandalized that common people owned stocks and bonds and were getting wealthier. They took advantage of a normal correction in the stock market and refused to monetize the federal reserves at the banks, causing a run on the banks and a monetary collapse. Watch for similar tactics.