Franc is discussing:

...So what happens when even in Siberia, there's ethnic conflict ?

...modern White man is truly wimpy....

I consider the exploits of history, how the British men conquered nations after nations... I consider and remember reading the exploits of Vikings, men of renown who FOUGHT...not fleeing to some "safe" place ! I consider and remember men of eastern Europe who fought like hell during the cold war era... I consider and remember European men who fought against Islamic hordes and barbarians and WON !

What the fuck has happened to a generation of White men who can't even whimper a "no" to an illegal immigrant !

We have wimpy White men KNEELING before blacks...!

How the mighty have fallen ! I mean, we have a nation that was born out of rebellion against a King ! Men who fought in winter without boots against red-coats !

Their children fought in WW2 !

Now, we have all manner of unthinkable military prowess and advanced weaponry and we are considering...."fleeing"

Wake the fuck up White man !

You have the blood of your ancestors flowing within you !