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Although the elections are some 10 months away, the president and his allies already foresee a possible scenario in which Republicans take the House of Representatives, the Senate, or both.

What if the GOP only does to the Biden Administration exactly what Pelosi & Schumer & the Democrats & Socialists did to the Trump administration?
Make-up a fake dossier, arrest members of Biden's campaign & administration for "collusion" with a foreign power, appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the mythical "collusion", hold numerous congressional hearings into the "collusion", then impeach old Joe twice for routine actions as the President.
Oh, and don't forget to have numerous red-state attorney-generals to investigate the Biden crime family for tax evasion.
Got to see old Joe Biden's, Hunter Biden's, brothers Frank & James Biden's tax-returns!
Hell, throw in the Clinton & 0bama & Pelsoi & Schumer crime families too. Get their tax-returns, trace where their multi-million dollar lifestyle & back accounts are coming from!