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The Supreme Court ruled against the Biden administration's rule for OSHA, saying it did not have the power to require vaccination for millions of Americans.

I agree with the decision and may be in the minority. My wife was an RN and we both agree, like it or not, medical people who are in contact with direct patient care must be vaxed or they cant work. If your sick and in a hospital do you really want an unvacinated nurse taking care of you. NO. The Supremes only said Health Care is an Occupational Hazard and does come under the Presidents and OSHA's authorty, busniesses do not. Good call. PS: I know from a reliable source that those people who lost their jobs last week at a famous clinic were told they have one year to re apply for their jobs. I'm sure most health care workers are under something similar that its no a finality thing. Get the shot come back to work.

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