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SAN DIEGO -- Charges have been filed against 11 Antifa members by the San Diego County District Attorney's Office. Prosecutors

"Prosecutors allege that act was committed by Jeremy Jonathan White, 39, one of the defendants who remained jailed Monday in lieu of $200,000 bail. White faces charges of conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, use of tear gas not in self-defense and animal cruelty, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The defendants who were arraigned on Monday were identified as Luis Francisco Mora, 30; Joseph Austin Gaskins, 21; Faraz Martin Talab, 27; Bryan Rivera, 21; Brian Lightfoot, 25; Jesse Merel Cannon, 31; as well as the previously mentioned Jeremy Jonathan White, 39. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that an arrest warrant was issued for 37-year-old Erich Louis Yach. Also facing charges, according to a spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office, are Alexander Akridge-Jacobs, 31; Christian Martinez, 23; and Samuel Howard Ogden, 24, according to the news outlet."

Like to see more of these actions, but imagine their sponsors like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi will send down people to bail them out quickly, and provide defense attorneys and GoFundMe's for them.