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Headline reads, Rich folks in LA have ‘Never Seen Anything Like It' regarding violent criminals going to were the money is. WHAT A BUNCH OF BS!

It has always been the case forever that wealth attracts criminals. The largest amount of wealth that is attracting many criminals is the trillions in taxes that moves in and out of offices of City, County, State and Federal governments.

The Federal government in DC accumulating trillions each year. Federal government spent $6.6 trillion in 2020. Guess where the most criminals are. Yep, near those endless trillions of dollars.

Anybody that thinks criminals are not on the inside where trillions of dollars accumulate endlessly is a fool. The worst thieves they are and it is because they set the rules that allow them to avoid proper justice for them.

If US was operating as the Constitution prescribes, there would have been a long history of executions linked to the theft of taxes. That done, taxation would be far lower than it is. And all lives in US would be far better off with quick execution of an enemy within. Why hasn’t that happened? That is the real ‘Never Seen Anything Like It’ problem. The lack of executions of criminals within government. The penalty for treason was established because those forming our government knew it would happen. Based on it happening in every type government since governments began six thousands of years ago. The low number of executions for treason is proof that our government has been corrupt and self-serving a very long time. More than a hundred years.

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