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Whites aren't doing shit in this war? So fucking true! Well stated. I guess that is why I am always trying to expand my scope because the usual bunch is all talk and no action. Irish nationalists might be the only nationalist white people in the world doing anything at all and it isn't much. Certainly not enough to resist the Jew but at least they are doing something beyond just talk.

I wouldn't say you cannot build anything out of deviants. The Jews have been quite successful at putting even their lowest elements to good use. Look at the pedo that got killed in Kenosha for example. The IRA has had success tolerating all sorts of deviants even in their own ranks but they have far stricter limits than Jews who are completely unrestricted.

Golems get killed by other golems not their maker who is usually incapable of doing that. This is why the replacement cycle must be perpetual. New golems are always needed to replace old golems even before they turn on their creators.