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Tlachinollan Human Rights CenterA 14-year-old girl was jailed last week after running away to escape the wedding ceremony for which she had been sold.The girl, who has been identified in the local press only as Anayeli “N,” was supposed to marry a neighbor in Mexico’s Guerrero state whose family had offered a sum of 200,000 pesos (about US$9,300) to buy her hand in marriage.Anayeli’s mother had accepted the payment, and the neighboring family had hired a band, slaughtered a cow, and prepared a m

Are you familiar with r/K selection theory? It is about qualitative (K) versus quantitative (r) breeding strategies.


The theory implies nature does indeed care about IQ but K strategies do not always win.

As long as (((democracy))) is pushed by (((globalists))), r breeders will have a huge advantage due to one person - one vote. More people live in a circle (Valeriepieris Circle) with Japan in the northeast and India in the southwest than live outside that circle. 37% of the world's population lives either in China or India. They could bilaterally rule the world if globalism becomes a democracy and probably can even if it doesn't.

Valeriepieris Circle: