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The problem with "making better people" is everyone will have a different idea of what better is. The nazis thought that they were the better people, and that the people they were torturing deserved it. You can see this happening today everywhere you look. People being tortured online and in real life for minor "offenses" because now they deserve it.

If you ask what a better person would look like, and your answer is "They would look like me," you've never had an objective look at yourself. Those kinds of people with no self-awareness are what make atrocities happen, as they see anything less than themselves, as less than themselves. You can see someone online say something that some people don't like, and before you know it you have countless people out to murder that person. You might say "It's not murder, they're just taking away his ability to work any job ever again, financially support his life, destroy his relationships with anyone he's ever had contact with, and make him as miserable as we can." How is that any different? Because he still exists? If existence is all it takes to keep your actions moral, the logical conclusion for that is an extensive amount of torture is moral as long as the person is existing in the end.

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