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Pro-Trump lawyer and QAnon supporter Lin Wood has released a recording of what purports to be a phone call between himself and Michael Flynn who says QAnon was created by the CIA.

It all begs the question, not only could Trump have ended the Q nonsense by publicly disavowing it so too could any of these perceived leaders of it. Notably Flynn, who spoke this way in private but not publicly.

Alex Jones was right again, Q was Operation Trust straight out of the Soviet Union's playbook. We're not able to take the grievous assaults on liberty seriously when a good portion of us are completely distracted by "Trust the plan" nonsense.

The Military hasn't been on our side since forever so why all of the sudden would they hatch a crackpot plan to bring the NWO down and then broadcast it on shady conspiracy channels? It's just bunk, and the people who could've put an end to it long ago didn't, which implicates them.

Did we really think the elections weren't rigged in 2016? Did the elite really screw up so badly as to let a true outsider into the white house? The Media's ridiculous fake news looked like a show from the start because of how over the top the vitriol was and I'm guessing that was on purpose.

It was the Media's panic and BS that made me think Trump was legit, maybe we were played just that easily....