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Hundreds of women harmed by second and third trimester abortions urged the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade in a joint amicus brief, divulging painful details of regretted procedures.

"The affidavits include many complaints that the patients did not understand the procedure, were not aware of how developed the baby was and were not informed of the physical and psychological side effects of abortion. Numerous women said doctors told them the baby was not a person but a clump of cells."

“I was told what I had inside me was a piece of flesh, not a baby. I was told that having an abortion would be the solution to ‘my problem,’ being pregnant,” one woman wrote. “I was told I would have no side effects later if I wanted children. I was not told about the deep emotional and psychological suffering I would go through,” she said in her affidavit."

Deadly procedures, not only murdering the infant, but injurious to the mother should be outlawed. Antiquated, evil Row vs Wade ruling needs to be vacated.



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