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Kyle Rittenhouse is no hero. He’s been accused and condemned by an incompetent and highly politicized prosecutor, but he’s no

Okay, sparky, aka Dan Llorens, let's do this.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a young adult, not a child. This line, right here, in your cute little essay, is retarded: “What would possess someone to do that?” My response, since it's not helping you fellers to ask each other: Loyalty, he was there backing YOUR BROTHERS UNDER THE BADGE, and business owners asking for help. Honor. He stands for something. He stands for the human rights protected for all of us in the constitution. Morals. He was never there to hurt anyone. He was there to protect and provide any help that might be needed. Integrity. He is not confused about right and wrong. I would like to say that I have more good interactions with law enforcement than bad, but that is not the case, and I'm a law abiding, hard working, pretty fucking intelligent asset to society, so imagine my "disappointment", then compound that by MILLIONS OF AMERICANS of the same or higher income status than myself. All y'all need to consider this young man's personal assets, maybe give them some reflection, a little tryout.

You people keep commenting about him traveling 20 miles, to a "far off community". I put hundreds of miles on my vehicle every time I go for groceries. I drive 20 miles one way to work. It's not a far off community. That's barely down the road.

Honestly, you sound bitter and jealous. Kyle Rittenhouse is the "what people wish they could see when they deal with police" side of the meme, and you're the "what people actually see when they deal with police" side of the meme, and it's really ugly, Mr. Llorens.