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Based on the amount of greenhouse gases humans have already added to the atmosphere that have caused global temperatures to rise, the world is guaranteed to experience about 5 feet of sea level rise in the coming decades, climate scientist Benjamin Strauss told “The Climate Crisis Podcast.”

God made a planet that balances constantly, and cyclically, over periods of time recorded, and understood for a long time. Polar ice caps melting, and increasing the ocean levels is a false premise. Simple science tells us differently. Liquid water when frozen forms water crystals, does increase in volume size, but mass remains exactly the same, demonstrated by the can of beer you forgot in the freezer that exploded. Once the ice crystals return to liquid, the volume is the same, except for on a larger scale what evaporates into the atmosphere from atmospheric temperature, then forms clouds, rains or snows back to the earth, but on a smaller scale can be demonstrated by a glass filled with ice and water to the brim. When the ice is totally melted, does the volume over flow the glass? Climate Crisis deceivers would have people believe otherwise, but real science, and common sense tells you that they are lying.

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