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Center for Vaccine Development director Dr. Peter Hotez said Tuesday on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" that former President Donald Trump's mishandling of the COVID pandemic caused a "catastrophic and needless" loss of life. | Clips

Um... Trump didn't push for retarded mandates, didn't destroy everyone's trust in the medical establishment and didn't do nutty, crazy fuckin horseshit for TEN MONTHS STRAIGHT that in turn led to AN EVEN HIGH DEATH COUNT!

Like, it's a NOVEL virus... how tha'fuck do you manage to INCREASE the death count on the SECOND YEAR?!

That literally cannot functionally happen on the natural level, you have to SERIOUSLY fuck with nature to try and pull off something like that and we can all see Biden is clearly in financial bed with the crazy corporate psychopathic drug pushers... or just too fuckin senile to see what the hell they're doing. I'm not saying Trump would have done better... I'm saying it doesn't matter... BECAUSE TRUMP ISN'T THE PRESIDENT YOU FUCKIN RETARDED LEFTISTS! WAKE THA'FUCK UP!