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Fox News Media has canceled Lou Dobbs' show, benching its business network’s highest-rated host and a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump.

There is a picture of Nancy Pelosi on the front page of Yehoo commenting on the fact that the demorats are near passing a spending bill that will arm the IRS with more agents make you and the banks tell when a customer either takes out $600.00 dollars in cash from there account or puts &600.00 dollars into there account? Use to be 10,000 dollar amounts that the banks had to notify the IRS if a customer withdrew or entered that much into their accounts. Why might you ask that they are doing this the thieves want your money? I wish someone who is close to her would stick a knife in her back as she has continually done to the American people. And you dimwits who voted for Bygone and not Trump think we are insurrectionists. WoW, what fools you dopes are.

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