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The great awakening's success, what might it really depend upon?

Allegedly the vaccine is a depopulation agent. If so, how many Americans who want a great future for their children, have blindly taken the vaccine, thinking its just what the doctor prescribed.

If the vaccine is the mark of the beast in tandem with a passport, how many Americans who want a great future will put their security at risk, and just go ahead bend the knee. We've already seen this take place with vaccine mandates in the work place.

How many Americans are aware of Andrew Torba's efforts for a parallel economy, giving hope that there's a way to bypass the madness?

As far as civil war goes, who do you think will fire the first shot? When you read the article it implies that we the people are so divided, we will kill each other, that we ourselves fire first on ourselves. But really the first shot won't be us aiming at us, it will be the elites initiating the use force against us. Therefore we can abstain from violence and be motivated for a greater future for our children, but in the end, its the government that starts wars, even if we don't a war.