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"Let's take President Trump," said Jones, "who I believe is a good person, and I really care about ... We gotta take him to the woodshed though."

Pro Trump. Voted for him. Will vote for him again.

But he's completely delusional on this vaccine shit. He wants credit for ramming the whole thing through... which he did, and that's fine. He thinks that most of the "resisters" are his base, and so they would just come around if he were President... but they WOULD FUCKING NOT because his base is made of people WITH THEIR OWN MINDS.

On top of that, every single motherfucker who is crazy for vaccine mandates NOW, would be rabid anti vaxxers if Trump were running things, out of pure fucking spite.

The vax rate would be about 50% if Trump were President, and that is the reality of it.