scott c miller is discussing:

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki was triggered by a question about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's extended absence from work during a supply chain crisis, and responded with a lecture on paternity and material leave.

the do little as possible admin because their "boss" is a puppet.

horrible harris not been to the border.

the military just well its learning nazi brainswashing devisive shit made by the frankfurt school and repackeged by twats to push communist shit into our military.

the ginger headed twat press secretary that makes people wait on her 40 minutes or longer..........routinely. either is unwilling or unprepared to answer anything at all period.

the peelosi congress cant pass the progressive bullshit wishlist bullshit because its cancer, economy job and military destroying every last fucking bit of it, so the neolibs are divided nm the "moderates" scant few left on the dimocrap side.

and if they want to find out the people responsible for jan 6th? speaker of the house and senate go get their phone records and emails that day should be FOIA stuff.