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Duckworth is the latest lawmaker to press the Pentagon for answers following the violent breach of the Capitol.

Have you guys seen all the brutality being levied upon those who are defying mask and vax mandates? I just saw an instance where a lady was physically thrown to the ground by several police officers in Australia. The ferocity of the attack was stunning. Though the lady did, with some assistance stand up, there is no way in hell she didn’t sustain severe injury. America is certainly not immune to this behavior either. Just last week I watched as a lady was refused treatment in an emergency room simply because she wasn’t vaccinated. Why it took three of our finest to wrestle her outside perplexed me to the fullest. I’m unsure of her illness, but if it was life-threatening she’ probably a statistic by now. The brutality we’re seeing isn’t reserved for the anti-vax and anti-mask portion of our citizens. You may have seen that a 14 yr. old girl was raped in the girl’s restroom of a Loudon County, Virginia school by a “GENDER FLUID” boy wearing a dress. You may ask, “What did the school board do”. The answer is they covered it up and transferred the boy to another school, where, within a week, he did it again. As you may imagine the father was somewhat angry about this. So, he went to the school board meeting where, when expressing his opinion, he was slammed to the floor by several police and arrested where he was honored to be charged by the Attorney General himself. If the justice system would truly like to remove those officers most prone to brutality, now would be the time. They seem pretty easy to find to me. Yes my friends, the days of "TO SERVE AND PROTECT" are simply remnants of the past. I guess what I’m say is that if you intent to levy complaints in an open forum such as the street, an emergency room, or a school board meeting, make sure to bring an overwhelming force with you. Remember, mandates are not laws especially those that openly violate the constitution.

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