Cos is discussing:

Covid-19 has claimed one life every five minutes in Romania during October, official data indicates, as the country’s inoculation campaign lags and hospitals are inundated with coronavirus patients.

So, RT... Let's get some math right.

  • One in five minutes is 288 a day.
  • in the country of 19.25 million people it is 0.0015%
  • which is about 0.015 person per 1,000 of populace
  • the going rate of Romania mortality is about 13.2 per 1,000 (which stays roughly the same since 2018). Source:
  • hence the death rate attributed to COVID is almost 420,000 lower than the "normal" morbidity.

Are you saying that a tick on a chart is even remotely interesting and meaningful? What's wrong with you? Are you justifying next round of CCP-virus hysteria that is taking place in Russia right now with all QR-fascism and stuff?