John Galt is discussing:

Nightclubs and large events can only allow entry to people who can show they have had two Covid jabs.

Fortunately, it is NOT 'enforceable by law' at all. They are misguided.

To introduce any VaxPass, let alone attempt to enforce one, is nothing less than sheer folly and an invitation to a multitude of Lawsuits.

There is a blatant breach of the Nuremberg Code due to the effect that any VaxPass is coercement into a Medical Procedure (ie. the erroneously referred to 'Vaccine').

Additionally, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Human Rights Act are also of particular interest with regards to violations, by the introduction of any 'VaxPass.'

It is also worth mentioning that under a number of circumstances, the Death Penalty may be implemented, for violation of the Nuremberg Code, therefore potentially making Nicola Sturgeon another dope-on-a-rope.