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California parents opposed to Governor Gavin Newsom's (pictured) vaccine mandate plan to keep their children home from school October 18 in protest. Event flyers (pictured) are circulating

Quote: “Parents say they're hitting the state where it hurts by sitting a school day out in California, where schools receive state funding based on attendance”

Will fail. Too small, too weak. Newsom and all lol.

To really hit California’s callous, destructive, treasonous, elitist leaders and their cronies, the union tactic of staying home must include all that work, that have or do not have kids.

With millions not working, the money (taxes, profits, union dues) stops. We the working people have the “power of the purse”! Not deceiving, death dabbling politicians.

Call it Occupy Our Homes (OOH). Works for unions every time. A few thousand union folks stay home from work to get what unions want, affecting tens of millions, or more.

Now imagine 50 million staying home from work in every profession across the USA. Citizens in other States UNITING with Californians, as in the UNITED States of America.

That is the greater fear needed to undo the fear that prevents the undoing of the damage done across the US. The fear the Constitution prescribes. Until then, the current fear, instilled by a horridly cruel enemy within, that the Constitution warns us about, controls USA.

Use peaceful powerful OOH to take back our government from a few hundred callous, unqualified, self-serving, colluding, elitist politicians. As prescribed by the Constitution to rid an enemy within, that is clearly within.

They arrogantly and fearlessly show they do not fear we the people are capable of making them fear us, as prescribed by the Constitution. The enemy within feels very secure that their Left defending Generals will protect them.

Occupy Our House is peaceful but powerful. It stops the money (taxes, money, union dues) politicians and their cronies love. They will work a sensible US saving agenda to get the money flowing again, even if on our terms.

The US can’t help any country when broke. The US is broke! $30 trillion in debt and growing with no security for Ed the people.

Our Armed Forces are now there to protect the deceiving, death dabbling politicians, not we the USA. So a peaceful OOH will not be peaceful. They will insert violence. Like they did in the peaceful Civil Rights movement.

Pick your pain. Being fearful of the enemy within, or keeping them fearful, as per Constitution.

OOH nationally or a full on Civil War 2? The enemy within and their Generals want full on Civil War 2, to justify destroying us harshly and quickly. Don’t.

They do not want a more powerful peaceful and more effective Union like tactic, Occupy Our Homes. The choice is clear. Copy the Civil Rights movement.

A MLK will emerge for a national OOH peaceful protest. No marching or destruction needed. Just stay home from work like Unions do to get what they want. OOH to keep making US great. In about a hundred years repeat. It will be an endless battle per Constitution.