Patrick Walkey is discussing:

A little too obvious with your planted racism there Libtard!

You clearly don't know your weapons and just cut and pasted that from somewhere online. A real redneck wouldn't have properly capitalized everything like the online catalog that you likely copied this from would.

And people don't talk like that. Maybe try to tone it down a little bit next time to add a little more realism.

It's funny how America is supposedly so racist that people like you and the other Bubba Smollett's of the world need to plant it everywhere.

If it weren't for people like you creating it out of nothing, we wouldn't have the majority of division we have in this country.

If more of you realized that YOU people posing as racists to try to prove whatever it is you think you are proving ARE the problem with this country, then maybe TRUE healing could begin.

But this will fall on deaf ears and glazed over eyes as it always does and your racism will live to hate another day.

Liberals are the true racists. Let that seep in.