Steve Steglitz is discussing:

Priti Patel says she is looking at ways to protect MPs but action should be "proportionate" to risk.

Politicians know that the crimes they are now committing against our own public -- which includes genocide -- are rendering them vulnerable to lynchings. Gibbets in Parliament Square for public viewings of MPs' executions are becoming a reality.

They know that. So they staged the murder of an MP (like they did before for related reasons) to create the excuse to put a firewall between themselves and the public they truly hate.

That's what this is about. Read what Patel says the opposite way round -- she's a bare-faced liar anyway: MPs are to become isolated in guarded ivory towers from the great unwashed.

I do wish the public would wake up. We could end this in an instant -- and quickly find out where David Amess and Jo Cox are hiding.

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