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A 30-year-old woman named Terresha Lucas was recently charged with making terroristic threats in a subdivision of Douglasville, Georgia. | Crime

She will be employed by BLM or CNN instead of going to jail. A sculpted bust placed next to Floyd’s by BLM.

Here’s a conspiracy that is more believable than most. Blacks are really working for the KKK.

Blacks murder more Blacks in a month than KKK murdered since the KKK was created by Democrats.

For generations KKK defended by longtime and still arrogantly racist Biden, beloved by Blacks. Raising the idea that Blacks are now taking KKK money to murder Blacks.

All considered, suddenly it seems (epiphany) not so much a conspiracy that Blacks will murder Blacks for KKK for the right price. Why else if not for money?

If KKK (Democrats) not funding the Black on Black genocide, then it must be self destructive Blacks, protected by Blacks. And the Democrats media keeps it hushed. But not when a White kills a Black, which rarely happens.

All races know it rarely happens because when a White kills a Black, it is global NEWS for weeks. While in that same 2 weeks 200 more Blacks are killed by Blacks, that is never broadcast by Democrats.

It’s as if the Democrat’s KKK also pays the Democrat media to keep Black on Black murders out of the NEWS. Pays Blacks to kill Blacks, and pays the Democrat media to keep it hush.

Has the racist Democrats eternal racist shadow, the KKK, evolved stealthily and deceitfully? So to have Blacks killing Blacks at a genocide level with Black politicians the genocide generals. Hmmmmmm?

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