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Our friend Dr. Simone Gold goes full-on nuclear: seeks an injunction against all vaccinations for military personnel of all kinds immediately, based on extraordinary affadavits from two serving US Army LT. Colonels who have broken with chain-of-command to do so. They beleive their duties under UCMJ demand they do so. Wait until you see what they say! DENVER, CO. – Today America’s Frontline Doctors legal team filed a preliminary injunction in Federal District Court, before Judge Raymond P. Moore. This follows the filing and subsequent denial of a temporary restraining order submitted and ruled on nearly four weeks ago. The Injunction aims to immediately halt further COVID-19 vaccinations for all military personnel given the extraordinary findings of the Plaintiff’s expert witnesses in their sworn testimony. The Preliminary Injunction Motion along with the Amended Complaint seeks to broadens the class of Plaintiffs to include DoD contractors and is based on the now-proven fact that Covid-recovered people have superior immunity to all other forms of treatment. The latest pleadings in the suit claim that Covid vaccines actually harm the Covid recovered rather than help them. The evidence presented includes expert witness testimony from two military doctors and a well-credentialed professor of pathology that have found that both the Pfizer and Moderna Covid 19 vaccines contain a pathologic toxin (poison) commonly called PEG (polyethylene glycol). Each such vaccine lists either ALC 3015 (Pfizer) or SM-102 (Moderna) as key ingredients of the billions of nanoparticles in each dose. The Safety Data Sheets relating to these two primary ingredients are abundantly clear and demonstrate the ingredients’ toxicity and danger to human users. In fact, they caution that such ingredients are not for human or veterinarian use. This revelation was so alarming to these doctors that one of the Plaintiff’s experts, Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long M.D., who is the head Flight Surgeon at Fort Rucker and is responsible for health safety of Army air crews, made a halting declaration; in her expert opinion, all military flight crew who have received any of the biologic products (vaccines) should be grounded from flying until an MRI screening of their cardiovascular system is performed in order to rule out these life-threatening adverse reactions to the shots.. To date, there have been no screenings for COVID-recovered people.

Wheres the video? All I can find is a big smear campaign on Dr. Simone Gold..

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