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TV personality spreading lies and propaganda, again! 'Professor' Alice Roberts, rejecting science, logic and reason, whilst claiming others are rejecting 'the science' for not following her dogma.

  1. It isn't a vaccine. Vaccines provide immunity, this doesn't.
  2. It doesn't work in the same way as vaccines have for a 100 years, mimicking nature. It's a theoretical, experimental shortcut. Using experimental ingredients, never used on humans before. It skipped trials, and didn't exist a little over a year ago. The side effects, and long term effects, are completely unknown.
  3. Masks have never worked. The science says so, and every nation's science advisor said so from the start. That changed when it became clear people like you needed comfort blankets.
  4. Masks are dangerous in the hands of the untrained. They are seldom washed, often touched, and as with the Spanish flu, will turn out to be the primary vector for spreading the virus during the pandemic.
  5. No one is against ventilation.