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Care home bosses are describing sleepless nights as they battle what has felt like one crisis after another. First Covid, now a staffing shortage made worse by mandatory Covid vaccines.

People are put in nursing homes because humans are not like non-humans when it comes to maintaining a strong species. Non-humans do not waist time on the weak. You get weak, or do not do your job, you are left behind or outcast.

Humans saw a way to make money on those that do not do their part and those near death. Prisons and nursing homes and hospices. These huge money makers are really like a grave in that the tenants are removed from the rest of our species, but at a huge cost, broadly and deeply, to those in prisons and nursing homes and those funding both.

We need a real National right to die law. The RTD laws in the few States are a joke. They are influenced by deceiving death dabbling profiteers and politicians that know they must be deceiving death dabblers to succeed in their professions.

Call our real humane National right to die law Jacob’s Law to honor Jacob “Jack” Kevorkian. Anyone over 21 that wants to die can check out when they want. People that want to die are a drag on the rest of the species. But are coldly seen by deceiving death dabblers as money makers. Using fake words and actions to try to convince the species otherwise.

A real right to die law would lower prison population and cost. Yielding much money that could be used on the mentally and physically fit non-crooks of all ages. Same with those in nursing homes and hospices.

To help make the species stronger by weeding out the evil, more crimes should get the death penalty and execution be done within 6 months of death sentence.

We fail more than other species in keeping our species strong. Because the inhumane deceiving death dabbling profiteers and politicians successfully label us as inhumane if will don’t dedicate tears, time, money and stress on the imprisoned in prisons and nursing homes. While they ban a real humane National right to die law.