Ron Lam is discussing:

Replace Nicki Minaj with a white person and a man while saying what she says, and he would be attacked and cancel cultured. However Nicki Minaj is black and a woman. You can not "attack" that right? Nooooo, that would be racist and sexist. Nicki Minaj is untouchable to the leftist lunatics and SJWs, while saying things that offend the sensibilities of these people. It is glorious, and I love watching them squirm in their predicament of their own making.

Sure I may not be able to post on CensorTube any more, but that also means I do not have to worry about watching my language either. You freed me from my own self censorship. Thanks I guess. If we are judged after we die, what I said may have been politically incorrect, but I can stand by what I said. At least it was THE TRUTH from observations and wisdom. Will the people preventing me to speak stand by their actions when their judgement comes?

ADVANCED WARNING⚠️ - If you download this off CensorTube, you WILL get a file that is less then 1,000 kb. Unless the file is super compressed, there is no way a video can be that small (actually more like impossible). Why "advanced" warning? Nicki Minaj is untouchable to the leftist lunatics, sjws and the Authoritarians. If these people cannot attack or can culture her, they will try to make sure her words do not spread. Download from Bitchute.