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HOUSTON -- A Texas woman fired a rifle through the wall of her home Friday, killing a man who had allegedly engaged in

I wish some of you clowns commenting would READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE COMMENTING - Here's the Scoop:

  1. It was at 11 PM - you know, an hour before midnight - So no - the visit wasn't city business, a meter reader or anything else - it was a threat.

  2. She caught him peeping through her window - You know, like a glass barrier? Easily penetrated, so virtually no protection from home invasion.

  3. She didn't aim at the perp, looking through the glass window - she aimed at the wall, instead. That sounds like a series of warning shots to me; but the article only says that the one kill shot hit in the man's torso - not exactly where. Here's where speculation comes in:

  4. If the round hit to his side, it would support that he was running perpendicular to the side of her abode, out of her view. That would tend to support her story. If he was shot full frontal then she might have some explaining to do.

It all comes down to evidence of course; but if you get at least one father of a daughter the woman's age, a mother or another woman - I think you'll get a judgement of "not guilty".