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A series of "antiracism" training sessions at Google taught employees of the tech giant that children as young as three months old are racist, and that listening to Ben Shapiro is a step on the ladder to committing acts of racial violence. Google's ultra-progressive vision of "antiracism" is influenced by the notorious author and professor Ibram X. Kendi.

Sadly, these tests have been done since before I was a baby. ALL babies look at white faces before they look at black faces. Even black babies. Kids tend to be more responsive to white faces. Kids have less anxiety around white people.

It's the same reason dog shelters are full of black dogs, and white dogs get adopted before black dogs. Going further, everyone is predisposed to be afraid of spiders and snakes. It's something deep in our genes. Missionaries knew that white people were looked at differently when they visited native tribes. In some cases, being white saved their lives.

This is not new science.