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I love and embrace my country and am grateful to be an American citizen. However, I will have to beg the differ on how Americans haven’t forgotten about the sinister attacks on our nation on September 11, 2001. Unless you embrace this country and esteem its founding, many Americans do forget thanks to the litany of distractions plaguing our nation, entertainment and media to top it off. Here’s other proof, Your elected officials do they really embrace our country and look for Americans best interest or sell us out to the corporate globalists and social engineers of political correctness. Instead of identifying enemies of The US and even within the US we are told that any rhetoric of that nature is bigotry and is stifled by politicians eager to maintain tenure in Congress or the Senate. Are we punishing terrorists that are committed to wiping us off the face of the earth? It sounds like Guantanamo Bay occupants are being freed as well as our political figures discuss it become a tourist attraction rather than a prison. Finally, the Taliban has stuck their flag in Afghanistan’s to claim dominance. So you tell me has America forgotten 9/11. If vigilance was a virtue regarded by our elected officials and citizens, we would have corrected the errors that lead to the attack on 9/11 and not keep perpetuating them. If you are an American that cherishes our nation, honors the 3,000 victims taken that day, and clearly understands and can identify the enemies both foreign and domestic, Hang your head high, if you can’t you are part of the problem. Furthermore, if you experienced what took place on 9/11, pass it on to your children and teach them. Let’s be a part of America that truly can say they have not forgotten 9/11 by both whar we say and what we do.

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