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ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

It's disappointing that even a site like ZeroHedge, which typically is able to still touch working neurons together for rational thought, still puts out article after article like this one with discussion of cases, RO, covid hospitalizations, the whole plethora of narrative surrounding Covid including charts and curves of this and that, ostensibly to inform one of the current state of the pandemic. They even reported that the CDC is dropping the PCR test in December 2021 due to the high number of false positives. Right there, all the data from the tests, cases, deaths is put into the junk science data bin since if the data is bad, no useful actions or results can come of it. With the PCR test showing positive results for the cold, flu, covid, or if the number of test cycles is run high enough, literally anything at all, the computer adage of garbage in, garbage out is the only thing that applies to this 'data' analysis.

How putting this propaganda nonsense out is useful to anyone in making a rational, informed decision should be glaring obvious to all. So to be blunt: It is not useful or rational to treat this as a valid discussion. The whole gamut of pushing experimental mRNA treatments, masking, social distancing, plexiglass shields, lockdowns, funding for this and that to fight the disease, is all built on false data. But is a time out on this nonsense being declared? It is not and the insane response of a mass illusion continues, replacing reality and subjecting us to the equivalent of a fictional fantasy as if it were real.

Bad enough that this narrative applies to the Covid subject but it also extends to so many other areas of society today. Truly men go mad in herds but only, slowly, regain their reason one by one.