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Kevin McCarthy delivered an impassioned speech about the use of face masks and science, targeting Nancy Pelosi for her "hypocrisy."

Th Mafia Princess Pelosi, aka the remake of the Red Queen of Hearts, is not obligated to follow the rules.

When will she demand all House members curstey to her, and cast their gaze downward as she approaches? And that as she passes all must 'take a knee' and avert their gaze.

How about we just get her out of the SoH position now, and return from her Fantasy Land?

[“Today, the Speaker, who didn’t know even know her own science and said names to people, broke her own rules,” McCarthy said. “Twice today I saw the Speaker in a crowded room without a mask, less than 24 hours after imposing the mask mandate…”

“Could this be a plan to keep our schools closed,” McCarthy questioned, saying that President Joe Biden’s administration, and now the U.S. House “has broken this country’s trust.”

McCarthy also said the “science changes somewhere around the rotunda” of the U.S. Capitol as members of the U.S. Senate are also located in the same building and are not required to wear masks.]