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Biden is clearly a would-be dictator who is seeing a dangerous level of success in meeting his goals. Given that Harris is his likely successor and she's an obvious sociopath, we should be worried about this. But who will be?

If you still live in a city, look around and see how much support these two are getting from your neighbors. A lot of you seem to have been thinking that when some of us have said that the time has come to abandon the cities, that this would be a permanent response to a temporary nuisance - the lockdowns. No, the problem is that most of the people living in major cities have as little regard for individual rights as Biden and Harris do. That is a cultural reality that isn't going to go away, and it's going to have some severe historical consequences. Freedom can't survive in places where most of the people don't really believe in it.

The truly troubling thing about what has happened so far is not how severe the repression has been, but how casually it has been embraced, both by those in power and by their supposed urban electorate, which has accepted the denial of basic civil liberties in response to a threat that is largely confined to their own imaginations, and is there, in part, because media outlets decided to run with a sensationalist story for the sake of ratings. If they'll gladly surrender their freedom for nonsense like this, when won't they surrender it?

One should flee the cities, if one isn't a boot licker or a would-be despot, not just because of the lockdowns, but because of what will surely come after them.